Crisis is an opportunity for transformation.
Activate your strengths to transform your shadows.

Do you have symptoms of fear, anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, suicidal thoughts, obsessive compulsive behavior, or eating disorders? These life-transition issues keep you from discovering and living your authentic Quantum Self.

The PACE Profile.
A Quantum perspective of yourself.

PACE is a unique and quick method for understanding your own motivations, behavior, strengths, and challenges. Its insights will help you become more aware of how you engage with others and the world around you.

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Meet Howard

Dr. Howard Teich’s notoriety as a scholar and lecturer is based on his theory of the tripartite integration of mythology, archetypal psychology (including dreams), and neurobiology and their effects on human consciousness. With this theory of integration, Howard has created a body of work for rapid understanding and changing human behavior.

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"Of the many things I've learned from working with Howard for many years,
the practice of being 'present' without expectations has been the most life-changing
and has been the reason for my success both personally and professionally."

- Nicholas D.

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Your transformation is a journey. Here are a few selected items to help you start on your way to discovering your quantum self..

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